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Hi, I’m Alex and welcome to my website. I’ve been interested in the arts (especially music) my whole life so I’ve created this site as a place for me to share my creative journeys and anything else.

The Latest

Trilogy Part Three: Just Like You

I have finally returned with part three of “trilogy of very personal lyrics that I needed to get out of my system even though they might not be up to the standards I usually hold myself to”. This one is a little different than the previous ones so I only just got around to finishing…

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Trilogy Part Two: Never Been True

If you read the last post you know what’s up. Don’t really have much to add. Here’s the second set of lyrics in my recent autobiographical trilogy. I don’t understand pain Billions of people on Earth Yet you make me hurt Now it’s hard enough To not cry ‘cause I woke up – I’m sorry,…

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Trilogy Part One: Better to Be Angry

I wish I had more time to spend on my art, and I wish that when I did have more time, I focused my efforts more. Life is chaotic, and most of what I have time for is work. Sometimes, it feels impossible to create, but I always remember again that it’s not a mere…

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