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A Collection
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Hi, I’m Alex and welcome to my website. I’ve been interested in the arts (especially music) my whole life so I’ve created this site as a place for me to share my creative journeys and anything else.

The Latest

The Forgotten Folk Journalist

Okay, the title is a bit of an exaggeration. He certainly isn’t forgotten. Give me a break, I came up with the title for this over two years ago. I’m talking about Phil Ochs, of course. His legacy is a bit strange. Personally, he is almost certainly my favorite folk musician. A lot of people…

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Elvis Costello Ranking #2: This Year’s Model (1978)

This is one I am very, very excited about. This is easily one of my top records of all time. Ever. And definitely my favorite EC record. This record is like the previous one on steroids. It’s much cleaner, but still has a certain simplicity to it that just works. It’s a little less pub…

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Elvis Costello Ranking #1: My Aim is True (1977)

Doing those David Bowie rankings is so fun, I knew right away I didn’t want to just stick to him. So the question of who to start on next lingered, although the answer seemed very obvious, as there are extremely few artists I prefer over Bowie, but one of them is Elvis Costello. So no,…

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